Научно - исследовательские центры

Зарубежные научные центры в области лор патологии

Association for Research in Otolaryngology
Australian Stuttering Research Centre
Bayior College of Medicine Department's Research Laboratories
Bloedel Hearing Research Center
Boston University Cellular and Molecular Hearing Research
Boystown National Research Hospital
Cochlear Physiology Lab at MIT
Cooperative Research Centre for Cochlear Implant, Speech & Hearing Research
Darmstadt Auditory Research Lab
Digitale Quantitative Laryngoskopie
Fermin Lab at Tulane University
Gallaudet Research Institute
Gruppo Otologico
Harvard - Auditory Physiology (Eaton-Peabody)
Hearing Aid Research Lab
House Ear Institute
Human Movement and Balance Unit, London
Johns Hopkins Vestibular Laboratory
McGill U. - Auditory Mechanics Lab
Medical Electronics Lab of the UIA - Belgium
National Institute of Deafhess and Other Communication Disorders
NIDCD-Biophysics of Inner Ear
NIDCD - NASA Center for Vestibular Research
OK-432 Therapy for Lymphangioma, Kyoto, Japan
Olfactory Receptor Database from Yale University
Oregon Hearing Research Center
Otoacoustic Emissions
Otolaryngology Research Society of the United Kingdom
Parmly Hearing Institute, Loyola University, Chicago
Sendai Ear Symposium
Sheffield Speech and Hearing Research Group
Surgical Planning Laboratory
The Royal National Institute for the Deaf, medical research unit.
University of British Columbia Rotary Hearing Centre at the University of British Columbia
University of Buffalo - Center for Hearing Disorders
University of California, Berkeley - Auditory Lab
University of Connecticut Otolaryngology Research
University of Connecticut Taste and Smell Center
University of Essex Hearing Research Lab
University of lowa National Center for Voice and Speech
University of Michigan - Kresge
University of Minnesota - Psychoacoustics Lab
University of Oklahoma Neurobiological Research Programs
University of Sussex (Hearing Research)
University of California, San Francisco - Laboratory of Molecular Otology
University of California,San Francisco - W.M. Keck Auditory Neurosciences
Washington University Cochlear Fluids Lab
Wilbur James Gould Voice Research Center
Zurich Vestibulo-Oculomotor lab

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