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Колорадская диета

1st Day: You can eat all kinds of fruit except bananas. Melon or cantaloupe are preferred because of lower calories. You can drink only water, tea without milk and/or sugar, or cranberry juice.

2nd Day: You can eat all kinds of vegetable (both canned or fresh ones) till you full. Green vegetable is preferred. You can eat these vegetable with soup. I will tell you the recipe of the soup after the end of day 7th. Dinner is baked potato with butter.
Note: Don't eat any fruit today.

3rd Day: You should eat soup, fruit, vegetable as much as you want but don't eat baked potato with butter at all.

Note: If you can follow the first three day, your weight will reduce by 5-7 pounds.

4th Day: Eat banana (the maximum is 3 bananas), and drink low fat milk. You should drink a lot of water as you can and drink soup as much as you want.
Note: Banana and milk have high calories and carbohydrates. In this day, the body needs Potassium, carbohydrates, protein and calcium to reduce the feeling that you want dessert.

5th Day: Eat beef or roasted skinless chicken, tomato, and eat soup at least 1 meal. You can eat beef about 10-20 oz. and 1 can of or 6 fresh tomato. Today you have to drink 6-8 glasses of water to clean Uric Acid in the body system.

6th Day: Eat beef or roasted skinless chicken or fish with vegetable as much as you want. Today you should eat 2-3 pieces of beef steak with vegetable that have leaves (salad, for ex.) Don't eat baked potato! Eat soup at least once a day.

7th Day: Eat rice, vegetables as much as you want. Eat soup at least 1 meal. Drink fruit juice without sugar.

If you can follow this 7-day recipe, you may lose about 10-17 lb..

If your weight reduces more than 15 lbs after these 7 days, you should stop using this recipe for 2 days, then start again.

Soup recipe Ingredients: 6 Onions, 1 Bell pepper, 1 Cabbage, 2 can boiled peeled tomatoes, 1 bunch of celery, 1 Lipton soup mix (any flavor)

1. cut all vegetable into small pieces and put in the pot. Fill water
till cover the veg.
2. put salt, pepper, a little bit of curry powder, parsley, chicken broth, a little bit of hot sauce
3. boil at high for 10 min. reduce the power to low till the veg is soft.

You can eat this soup as much as you want because has no calories. The leftover soup can be put in the freezer. However, of you eat this soup for too long, it's not good because it has no meat.

Tips: You are not allowed to eat bread, alcoholic beverage, drinks like coke, carbonate drinks, diet drink, fried food, corn, all kinds of dried bean. You can drink water, tea without milk and sugar, black coffee,sugarless fruit juice, syrup, low fat milk, and cranberry juice.

If you are very hungry, you can cook roasted skinless chicken or
fish in the day that allows you to eat meat (no beef is allowed more than allow in the recipe).

I hope you can do all of them and succeed in reducing the weight, O.K.?
My new phone number is (303) 786-1706.
Talk to you later. Good luck Paveena

Address to: CHUNVONG PAVEENA <Paveena.Chunvong@Colorado.EDU>

Comment: This is a very popular diet here. And I saw the results. Really amazing. People are loosing weight just in two weeks. You can use for your fat clients. Good balanced diet. Tatiana